Problem Definition.
We begin the design process by creating a clear set of objectives for the project’s design, content and information architecture. This starts the process of defining the problem and finding a solution on the right foot.

We study your current and/or prospective users, categorize them into user type and create personas. We analyze what influences their decisions, their expectations, existed mental models and goals. This allows us to create highly usable and intuitive User interfaces.

IA and wireframes.
During this process, we establish UI basics, such as workflows, navigation, content presentation principles and hierarchy of visual elements. All workflows are optimized to be as effective as possible and the content of your app is delivered in a streamlined, accessible way.

User testing.
The goal of user testing is to identify how your Design performs in real-world conditions, identifying opportunities for further improvements and measuring feedback based on a series of key performance indicators.

Look and feel (UI) design.
Attractive UI engages the user on an emotional level as well as emphasizes product functionality. At ALIVEPIXELS, we employ a user-centric design philosophy that crafts a narrative and promotes a deeper, more intimate connection with your content.

Front-end code development.
Well-written code is what translates attractive design skins into a functional pixel-perfect front-end code. AlivePixels expert developers use cutting-edge technologies to create code that is light, responsive and in full accordance with today’s highest standards user expectations.

Integration support.
Following delivery of the final product, we provide ongoing support and technical assistance in the back-end.